Error handling

Our error responses make debugging easy by using standard HTTP error codes and additional helpful attributes.

Here is an example error response, they will always have this structure:

  "errors": [
      "status": "401",
      "title": "Invalid token",
      "detail": "The token is invalid or has been revoked.",
      "code": "INVALID_TOKEN"

Error Attributes

We provide the following attributes as part of every error response:

  • status: The HTTP status code
  • title: General description of the error
  • detail: In depth description of the error
  • code: A code specific to the error that you can use to do detailed error handling

List of error codes

INVALID_API_KEY401The API token you have provided in the x-api-key header is invalid or has been revoked.
NOT_ADMIN401You are not an admin of the padlet you are trying to access.
NOT_FOUND404The requested resource was not found.
NOT_PAYING_USER403You are not a paying user. Only paying users can access the API.
PADLET_ARCHIVED400The padlet you are trying to access is archived. Unarchive the padlet to access it with the API.
RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED429You have exceeded the rate limit. Wait a minute and try again.

Rate limiting

We rate limit by IP. The limit is 250 requests/minute.

When the rate limit is hit this is the response:

  "errors": [
      "status": "429",
      "title": "Rate limit exceeded",
      "detail": "Too many requests. Please try again in a minute",
      "code": "RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED"