Creates a new post on a board. Returns a post object.


API key

You will need to include your API key found here.

Please include the key in your header. {"X-API-KEY": <api_key>}

An example of a basic request body is displayed below. It follows the JSON:API specification.

  "data": {
    "type": "post",
    "attributes": {
      "content": {
        "subject": "Test post",
        "body": "Created using the API!",
        "attachment": {
          "url": "",
          "caption": "Example website"
      "color": "red"
    "relationships": {
      "section": {
        "data": {
          "id": "abcd1234efgh5678"

Body parameters

* required

**affects posts in certain formats

type**stringType should be set to post.
attributes.content*objectContent object holding subject, body and attachment information.

content.subject denotes the subject of the post.

content.body denotes the body of the post.

content.attachment is the attachment object of the post. Currently only supports url links.

One of subject, body or attachment is required to make a successful post request.
attributes.colorstringColor of the post.

Allowed values are red,orange,green,blue,purple.

Sets the position of the post relative to the post that comes before it.

previousPostId denotes the post that is on top or to the left of the post you are creating.

Map properties of a post. Only affects posts in boards of map format.

mapProps.latitude denotes the latitude of the post in Padlet map format.

mapProps.longitude denotes the longitude of the post in Padlet map format.

mapProps.locationName denotes the custom location name.

Both latitude and longitude must be present to use mapProps.

Canvas property of a post. Only affects posts in boards of canvas format.

canvasProps.left denotes the left position of the post in Padlet canvas format. denotes the top position of the post in Padlet canvas format.

canvasProps.width denotes the width of the post.

All 3 are needed to use canvasProps
relationships.sectionstringThe section which the post belongs to. must belong to the wall. You can get this information via our get board by id call with include=sections query params.
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